Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Getting There

Today the new chicks are supposed to be in. The area in the chicken coop is ready for the white Leghorns and the barn area is ready for the Cornish Xrocks and the turkeys.

The new meat bird coop and pen is almost finished. All we need is a door, a gate and to put a wire cover over it to keep the hawks and eagles from flying down and snatching one when there old enough to put here. Well and to get the tools out of the coop and put down saw dust.

We have quite a bit of rain this week but that's better then snow like the week before. Not much to yell about but up here one never knows just how much you will end up with.
K decided to collect worms and caterpillars while we were working on the pen last Saturday. She said she needed pets.
All of you out there have a good week.

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  1. loved collecting pets when I was younger :) they had to stay outside though...


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