Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seems like spring

Yes you can believe it we are having spring weather with just a few nights around 26 degrees.

We had a big hail storm this last Sunday and it seemed never ending.

Yes that's the tail end of a sled lol.

We still have snow drifts under the trees up in the woods and only one small one up by the barn :)  That's something for this time of year for us.

Daughter K who is working up in Moscow ID (an hour plus from home,she gets up at 4:30am) at Mr. Leons as an instructor won 1st place in costume/makeup/fashion in their contest of surrounding salons.  Her niece Harley was her model.  
Harley got 1st in mens hair cutting.  K made everything you see.
We had art supplies sitting on the dining room table for weeks. :) But it was worth it.

I have been getting all the old old pictures in albums and taking pictures of them.  Some from hubby's side are those old tin types and after over a 100 years are fading even with being kept out of any light in a well over 100 year old leather folder they fit in.  They go right back in it after I take pics of them.
This is Issac Newton Williamson Born 1822 died 1891 for an example.

I just noticed I need to replenish a few things.  With the flu we had running around and coming back on us I didn't replace them as needed.
Mouth wash
Extra tooth brushes (adult and children's)
Children's tooth paste
Cold/flu meds.
Band-aids, all those bobo's you know.  It's funny how fast you go through those at times.
First aid cream
Body powder
I know there boxed but I picked up a few boxed cakes for making dump cakes and etc. for something real quick when I'm not feeling up to par and hubby wants something. They were on sale and if you don't add as much liquid they also become very quick cookies.

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