Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tearing down and Putting Up

Second oldest son and granddaughter were here at the end of last week to go to a family dinner.  Our youngest son and daughter in law were going to be in town as we hadn't seen them for over a year.  

Youngest son and daughter in law announced they are expecting :).

D helped to tear down the really worn out meat bird house and pen so we could put up a new one.  We just started to work on that this past Monday night after hubby got home from work and again last night.  The new one we will be able to stand up in :).

New posts  going in for new yard.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Snowing on this St. Patrics Day

Yep full blown snow storm out there this morning.  Dogs are taken care of but there is no sense and going out to open the chicken coop until the storms over.

We are both feeling better so far.  Hope it stays that way :). Knock on wood lol.

This last weekend was Stake Conference.  Very good as usual. Letting people know of your love of Christ.

I just watched a video this morning that brought tears to my eyes of a young man even though autistic who wanted to serve. Also puts a smile on your face at the same time.

Dave repaired the driveway, looks good.
A lot of gravel had been washed down into the grass. He drug up what he could.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quick Warm Up, Melting, Flooding

We have had such a fast warm up with lots of rain and the snow is melting at a really quick rate.  To fast in fact.  Towns like Cotton Wood Idaho have two feet of water running through their town.

Our poor driveway has had spots washed out as well. Some of these ditches are 8 inches or more deep.  The lower pond is way beyond its banks.

Even our garage had water in it.

My poor hubby who has been ill all week had to go out and dig some ditches to get the flow of water and melting snow headed away from the garage.  He came in and laid down after.

 There is a 6 foot deep gully past this pond I couldn't make it past here in the deep slushy snow to see it.