Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Where did the years go?

Hit another mile stone birthday today. Just unbelievable sometimes.  Wasn't I just turning 30 the other day?

We have quite a few Birthdays in Feb.  I just found out a grand nephew has a birthday today also.

We got a cold front back in and it looks like it's supposed to snow all week again.  Here is a few pics this week.  These were taken before we received more snow.

The first two are par of the back yard.  On the left edge of the first one you can see a trash can with snow pushed into it lol.  Kay was trying to fill it up.

Here is a sunset pic I took coming back from the Spokane Washington Temple last Saturday.


Pineapple cheese salad: This is from Great Aunt Ella Walker Antigo Wis. born 1908.
She gave this to me 30 or more years ago
1 level tab. gelatin
¼ c. cold water
½ c. boiling water
2/3 c. grated shredded cheese
1 c. crushed pineapple
1 tab. sugar
Dash salt
½ cup cream – whipped
Soak gelatin in cold water for about 5 minutes, then dissolve in boiling water. Add sugar, salt and pineapple. When it begins to stiffen fold in cream and cheese.

Ella Hintz Walker school picture.
 As adult.



  1. Happy birthday Sara! I look forward to catching up with your writing. Generous of you to share.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sara! Please come to Praise the Lord, as we have a birthday thread for you there. Praying that all is well there!


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