Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Yes we have been setting goals.  

One of them is a long term goal; we are planning going on a mission around 14 to 24 months from now.

We know things change quickly but this is something we are shooting for while our health is still half way decent.   I'm pretty much the bug in the wood work with that one with all my health problems.  Frybromyalgia, arthritis in my feet and so on.

Well paying off bills is a big part of that also.  There seems to always things coming up on us that need paid for.  New tires needed, something needs repaired, a new doctor bill, one of our children needs help quick and so on and so forth.  You know how that goes.  If  isn't one thing it's another.  So getting some of the bills paid off always get put off.

I am also continuing to work on quilts for the grandchildren slow but sure on that one.  This is the next; it still needs tied.  It's an around the world with blooming flowers.

I also finished 4-16x16 pillows.

Grand daughter claimed the cat one immediately.  I just did primitive embroidery on them for something quick that I liked.

Note:  Don't forget to stock up on more cold and flu meds.  I know when a couple of us come down with colds or flu we go through them quite quickly and I need to remember to replace them a few at a time when we go shopping.

Pick up fluids that can be drank at this time to replace your electrolytes.  We buy the jarred powdered so we can make it as weak or strong as we each like.

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