Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Frosty foggy days

Our front yard

It has been like this for days and days.

 The fog as it rolls into the valleys. 

I am still tying the grands quilt, only a 1/3 finished.  Hard to find a time when I can lay it out when people aren't running around in the living room.
I have heard a lot of hard times coming again and high inflation around the corner.  We sure see the inflation creeping up at the store.  

It is important to check out your food storage and replace things you are short offOr if you haven't started having a storage do so of foods that will help you get by for as long as possible.

With all the winter storms it isn't a bad idea to have extra food, drink, a way to cook, light and some kind of alternate heat.  Don't forget blankets and or sleeping bags.  Also those of you with littles.  Extra baby food, formula and don't forget things for the older kids to do that doesn't involve electricity.


  1. beautiful pictures. that is sure some lovely country. I remember in the 70's my parents complaining about inflation.... We grew a huge garden to help out. About three years ago, people again began to grow huge gardens around here but the past two years, it has been near impossible due to the new chemicals the farms are using... they spray from planes and it ends up coating everything and if your plants are not the GMO's that are made to resist that chemical, they die.

    I wish there was a lawyer or two that had the guts to sue for a peoples right to grow their own food and NOT have it killed by the farmers. There was a small group of small farmers who sued the bigger farmers a few years ago but somehow that loop hole got closed. And now lawyers want huge $$$$$ to even review the cases.

  2. I am a UK farmer and I couldnt imagine that scene over here . People would go mad . We are still in the trial stages for GM food .


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