Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Harvest Time

Talk about a busy time sheesh.

We pulled and canned 78 pounds of carrots, dug the potatoes.  DJ helped with the potatoes :) that was nice.

I do the canning outside in the lean-to so we don't heat the house up as we don't have AC.

These carrots got put in pine shavings to use fresh over the winter.

I have half the beets pulled.  We didn't get to pull them a couple of weeks back when we wanted to.  That's how things go sometimes.

Our son in law Kirk was hit by a car in a parking lot yesterday, swiped him right off his motorcycle.  He is hurting and injured but the doc said he should heal just fine.

Other son S his wife J and family are home safe from vacation and they had a great time.

Its doesn't look like Dave and I are going to be going to able to go anywhere until late November maybe.

We're still planning on going on a mission after D retires.  I was hoping I could get enough books sold to accomplish that lol but 1 selling a month isn't going to do it.  Dream on I guess. :) 

So hard to get money saved these days the way things keep coming up.  You all know how that is.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garden time

Yes its time to be picking beans, pulling beets and digging potatoes.

Dave had been ill and then hurting Sunday through Tuesday but was doing better yesterday and went to work.

I found a neat site that has all kinds of information even old old cook books and you can download them. This is really great.  This is one I was looking up. There are several here that are different.