Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On Ward

Late getting this one, had so much to do at the beginning of the week, a ton of laundry, cooking up rhubarb we cut in the garden over the weekend and so on.

I just cooked the rhubarb and some left over strawberries into a sauce that I will can up today. 1 Gallon worth.  So nice to be getting it.

We finally got everything into the garden last week while Dave was off from his day job lolPotatoes, carrots, beets and corn are popping out of the ground.  We built an inclosure for the tomatoes to not run the rick of losing them again. It can be opened from the sides like roman shades.

Last Saturday morning we ran the soaker hoses down all the rows and then had to run off to grand daughter Sierra's High School Graduation.
Now it will be another two years before 2 more of the grand kids graduate from High School.

We got mom and Chucks house all painted took 10 hours last Friday and there may be some touch up to do yet.  They are putting on two new windows also that hubby is going to help with hopefully to ease the burden on them.
Something new I learned called Nalbinding. I love learning new things. It is very very old and came before knitting and doesn't unravel like knitting or crocheting.  You're basically knotting with a needle.  You use short lengths of yarn and you can use store bought and tie the ends together but real wool is best for joining the ends as the can be easily spliced together.  Youtube has lots of video's.

I had to make a needle because a darning needle just didn't do the right job but can be used to learn.  I went out and took one of our extra hard wood shims to make it with. 
This a new stitch I am trying to get the hang of.

 The hat is made with whats called the Oslo stitch.  It was made with a large darning needle. Whats odd is the wooden needle makes a closes neater stitch.

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