Monday, May 13, 2013

Half the garden in

The weekend was a busy one.  Friday Dave loaded and unloaded 99 % of 2,700 lbs garbanzo bean shakings.  First into the back of the farm truck and then Saturday morning into 50 to 100 lbs sacks.  Kay helped on Sat. morning lol. I was shelling beans that we will be planting.

Just a few of the beans we shelled.

Friday was granddaughter Aspens 1st birthday.  Boy did that year go fast.  I made a quilt for her.

Saturday afternoon we proceeded to shell beans together and then we went out and planted our root crops, potatoes, beets and carrots.

We then finished the rest of the beans.  We still have to seed corn to take off the cobs.

The days had been in the high 70's to low 80's but a cool front came through this morning and we got to 65 degrees and we got maybe a quarter inch of rain and later in the day hail.  The rain was very welcome.  We have been very dry.

It has been in the high 90's in the valley over the last week.  I am sure they enjoyed the cooler weather down there today.  I know I am after days of heat we weren't used to. 

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