Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Garden going in, in stages

This last Saturday we were able to get more of the garden in. Dave dug down several inches beside the raised boxes and laid wire (hard ware cloth) and then we laid the tires on that and filled the tires with dirt and planted our tomatoes and some zucchini in them.
Up above the boxes we planted corn, cucumbers and some pumpkins.  

 Last night (Monday) we still had a couple of hours of daylight when he got home so we went out and planted beans mainly.
Yellow eye, green, wax, red beans, dragon tongue, pintos and red beans.  I also did a row of broccoli and different kinds of peppers.  By then it was getting dark and was time to come in.
Dave also brought 12 more old tires home to plant more things in, the wire and tires sure help keep the voles from destroying plants.

Below before planted, we have had that tiller since 1981 :)

I have found I am getting low of basic colored threads in my sewing.  I hadn't really bought any in a long time.  (Make that years) So I have started by picking up a couple of white and will do more each pay day of other colors and more white.  Hard to believe one can go through so much at times.

We just picked up some Dichotomous Earth to put around the house for ant and other bug problems.  This was the last bag at the store, we wanted a couple of bags so I hope they are ordering more in.  This can also be used in the garden to ward of insects if you have a problem say with horn worms and etc.  You don't want to use it everywhere out there because it also will ward off good ones to.  Just sprinkle on your plants if needed.  This is not the food grade and only one place in the valley had it H. Depot.  I know I called all over.

The food grade kind is good for sprinkleing around the edge of the kitchen cupboards for ants and so on and for dusting on your pets to help keep off ticks and fleas without using poisons. You can use the other thats not food grade but I prefer food grade in my cupboards.
I had to order some of this on line there isn't any anywhere in the valley.  I bought 2 lbs this time but it does come in larger amounts.

 We will have a day in the high 60's today to around 70 but tomorrow it is only supposed to get to 48 and take a few days for the system to move out but it is supposed to bring rain with it tomorrow which is the good part.

I forgot to add the picture of the quilt I still have to tie. Here it is.

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