Saturday, April 27, 2013

Replacing used items and etc.

We attended our first great grand daughters 1st birthday yesterday and got to see a few of our children and grands.

Our oldest son was dropping off his youngest son to a birthday party at the same park and hadn't known of the his grand nieces birthday.  He has pretty much been working 24/7.

One of our older daughters picked up my mom her grandma on the way up so we had baby, mom, great grandma, and great great gradma plus a grandpa and great grandpa and the others sides grandma and great grandma lol. Plus assorted uncles, grand uncles, aunt and grand aunts and then friends.
I had made the little one a new quilt.

We got our 1st daffodils this week.

I also realized I hadn't bought any shampoo and hair rinse in a year and we're starting to get low as in my favorite one not any left on the shelf.  So we started to pick some back up 2 large bottles of shampoo and one hair rinse to get it going again.  I happen to like Garnier Fructis and they come in 24.4 fl.oz. bottles.

Its funny how sometimes you just use and forget to replace or wait to do so.  Especially when money has gotten tight and I will say oh I will pick some more up next time and then that becomes I will have to wait on that and so forth and before you know it bam last bottle.

Next payday will be more cold meds again for we use so much up when 2 or 3 of us come down with one and it goes quickly.

I have been working on 2 new quilts as I am able. A baby and a twin size.  The one that's sort of a log cabin is with some cats my aunt did about 40 years ago.

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  1. Sounds like wonderful party for everyone! All that family in one place is sometimes impossible these days. People are so scattered out across the country.
    Love the quilts you are working on. I have several planned out but that's as far as they go ...
    Thanks for the reminder. Gotta add shampoo to my shopping list for next month! Take care...Nita


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