Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Caught everyones cold

Yep I finally managed to catch the cold/flu the family has had for the last couple of weeks.  So Easter Sunday I was ill and threw in a ham and Dave made French toast and scrambled eggs for our Supper.

But some things still have to be done no matter what.  Dave's home on vacation, what a vacation trying to get well as he can't seem to shake this.

Stocked up

Last time we shopped and the time before we bought things we were getting short on.  Sometimes you turn around and its been months since you bought something and you realize whoops we're running low.

Tooth paste bought 5 tubes of his and 5 tubes of mine.
Needed Flax oil so bought 6 months worth,super large bottle so 1
5-5 gallon buckets to bucket up 2- 50 lb bags of flour and a sugar
2-2 gallon buckets for small things
24 cans of chicken noodle soup for something quick especially when ill- on sale of course
12 cans of green beans just to replace some we have used
1 large bottle of body lotion
1 box of 12 of top Raman dry soups- replacement
Cold medicines
Large container black pepper-replacement

We went to a wedding and we aren't what you say normal, our gift was, 1 #10 can of Morning MOO and a # 10 can of Chicken Vegetable soup, a set of 3 of good large knives, 2 knitted hats for him and a knitted scarf and fingerless mitts for her and a large candle in a glass bottle with lid.

We managed to pay off a couple of bills, that felt good.  But as soon as we need tires again that one will be back lol.  Gads those things are so expensive and you cant do without them.

I got the king sized quilt all pinned and ready to sew before I got sick.

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