Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interesting Site

I have decided I have a boring blog lol.  I have looked around and read the blogs of friends and acquaintances and I see mine is pretty bland.  One of the sites I go to is backdoorsurvival

She has a really great recipe for homemade soft soap I think everyone will really like. 
Link to soft soap recipe 

She also has a lot of great ideas.

I see others are already thinking gardens :).  I look outside and see nothing but white with more piling up everyday and know we have at least 4 more months of winter up here. I might start thinking garden say in March.  The last 3 years we haven't even gotten to plant until the middle to late June.  And have had some awful cool summers never seeing it above 90 degrees.  I know the never seeing 90 doesn't hurt my feelings any as I don't care for hot weather but gardens do. (I don't do hot well.)

I have been trying to fit some writing into my days at least a couple times a week and have taken up learning double knitting.  I try to challenge myself to learn something new once in awhile in something.  Not always easy with grand girl running around, she is as spirited as her mother was.
And of course it all depends on how much my fibromyalgia is acting up.

K''s new double knit hat.  I went ahead and put some ties on it to tie under her chin.

Loads of snow.

 Dave had to pull 2 pickups out of ditches this past weekend and went ahead and plowed their driveways.  Between our driveway and theirs he spent 7 hours on the tractor. 


  1. K is looking sooooo grown-up!

  2. I'd so love to be rolling around in that snow! I've not seen that much since I was a kid! :)


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