Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Well we started off the new year being ill.  Dave caught a bad cold, Kathy and I have had flu like symptoms and I have some kind of cold in one eye.

Good news is that daughter Coral is working her way way home from Afghanistan, she is in Kuwait as of today.

Tanya's daughter our grand daughter Shea is visiting her Uncle Seth and Aunt Jessie and cousins, other aunts etc etc, she will go back to AZ on the 5th.

We're all coming to grips with Tanya's death as possible in our own ways.

With the new year we all need to take stock of what we have spiritually and materially.  Thank the Lord for our Blessings even the hard ones we have to learn from.

Reassess our and your Emergency and Food Storage plans and try to replace the things we are short on as we are able.  Finances have been tight and don't look to get any better.

The temperatures have been cold with 18 inches of snow still on the ground.

Here a nice site called The Household Cyclopedia, lots of information here. Care of animals to recipes.

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