Thursday, January 10, 2013

Flu, Cold Front & Storage

This was supposed to be a cold day but the cold front we are expecting is going to be another day coming in.  Good.  When we had that last real cold come in our kitchen water pipes froze up.  When the former owners converted the back porch to a kitchen and put in the pipes they installed them right up against the outside wall of the porch (no insulation, just the porch wall) ackkkk. 

We want to tear it out and extend a new kitchen by 10 feet into the back yard but that's a future date thing or is it a dream lol.

I tried climbing back in bed and getting some more sleep after Dave this left this morning but no deal on that one and after tossing and turning for 35 min. got back up.

We have had colds and flu for around 3 weeks now.  Dave is much better but mine and Kath's keeps coming back on us.
I get done what I can and run after the 4 yr old and that zaps me for the day.

Coral is back from Afghanistan yayyyyyy.  That is one big relief.  There are lots of dangers over there for women especially that isn't being reported at all.

Here's a picture of our front yard 2 days ago. 

Food Storage

Remember each time you shop pick something extra up if you are just starting.  It’s like eating an elephant-a little at a time.

Choose any or all of the following to place into your storage for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year storage plan.

Bouillon cubes to flavor soups wheat meat etc.

Canned vegetables and fruits

Canned meats

Non food Items

Bleach: Make sure that sodium hypochlorite is the only active ingredient so this may also be used to purify water.  Also need plenty on hand in case of flu’s and other illnesses to disinfect.

Dawn dish washing soap, good for taking grease out of things also

Bar soap and liquid


Things like baking soda that come in paper or cardboard should be transferred to glass or plastic jars, bottles or containers and or Foodsaver bags. Stacks of Foodsaver bags can then be put in a hard bug/mouse proof container.

Two free storage calculators are found at:   This one you but is free and very good and you can change the number of people and add foods as you need to.

For other ideas:

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  1. Here's hoping for no more frozen pipes! Such a pain.
    Thank Coral for her bravery and her service. I can not imagine.
    Just got my very first flu shot ever. Sure hope it helps. Was 63* yesterday and supposed to have a small ice storm come through tonight. Only takes about 1/4" to take out power lines around here. Cleaning lamps today. Take care.


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