Saturday, December 15, 2012

Home and butchering time

We're home from Tanya;s furneral.  All went well and we spent a few days with her hubby and the two kids.  Dave and Seth helped inventory Tanya's Beauty shop Tim did errands.  Now he knows what is basically there and will try to sell it for that just to get out from under it.

Was an exhausting trip and we all seem to be coming down with colds and etc.

Thursday Dave had to put wood on the front porch for our 2 week supply and plowed the 5 inches or so of snow out of the driveway.

We slaughtered the beef before we left for AZ. with Todd and Cory's help.

Dave and I butchered both hind quarters on the beef cow Friday to get a start on it.  Worked until around 3;30 and then went into town to get some more supplies, Food Saver bags and lined butcher paper and so on. 

 We brought the hind quarters down from the barn on sleds.

When we got home we started in on the 2ed hind quarter and finished just after 10:30 pm. 

We startd in on the rest of it Saturday morning (today) and Todd and Corey showed up shortly after.

Kathy just came home from school, they sent her home because of her cold.  

We ae still working on the beef, all have a good week .

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  1. Hi Lady!!! That beef looks amazing...Big Hugs to you and Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!


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