Thursday, October 25, 2012

Venison Roasts and us

We have been snowed upon, 6 inches today and Tuesday we had around 2 inches but melted off yesterday. Today's shouldn't last to long as in a couple of days it is supposed to be around 50 degrees day time.

As we were getting the heavy tarps up on the wood shed it flurried on us, so that was done just in time.

Old Fashion Roast
My mother taught me this recipe for to-die-for roasts many years ago and her mother taught it to her.  Mom was raised during the 1930's Depression.
You can use it with deer, elk, beef, and pork.  Remember beef and pork don’t need as much garlic.   
Take your three-pound or so roast, rub a flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper mixture on it, then take a few garlic cloves and make a few holes in the roast and shove in them in.  Grease your roasting pan with a generous amount of bacon grease, pour in ½ cup water, lay roast in pan and cover with strips of bacon.   
Next, add small potatoes or larger ones cut in half, then add your carrots cut in half-length wise, cut large ends in half.  Add to pan also, and then slice in thick rings of onions to cover roast.  Put on lid or cover snugly with aluminum foil.   
Cook in oven 300 degrees for four to five hours.   
Check about every ½ hour after three hours depending on the size of the roast to see how tender the roast is.  
 Of course more hours for bigger roasts.  With a really big roast- whole potatoes and just cut carrots in half.  
 If you want good venison, bacon and garlic are a must.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It Rained

This past weekend we got a bit of rain and then Tuesday morning it rained buckets but we had 49 mph gusts of wind to go with it.  It was very good to have though. No smoke in the air :)

This coming Sunday and though next week the temps will be dropping and we will have chances for snow each day and night.

Looks like Dave will be splitting wood as the snow flies this year. Not the first time.  He was splitting last week and got it thrown into the wood shed before the rain came in.  
We have some wood in on the enclosed porch on the wood rack and it has been handy as usual.  I have a nice cozy fire going this morning.


I did get Kaylee's sweater finished. It's not the best of the things I have knitted this was an old fashioned one from a book from the 1950's and done in pieces and some of those i didn't get lined up quite right lol.  Kaylee picked out the buttons from her great grandma Genes button collection.

 I made a cap to go with the oatmeal colored fingerless mitts and scarf.  Will send these off with a black set of mittens, scarf and hat to a friend of Corals in Germany. These kind of things are very very high priced in Germany.

Kool-aid Jelly
1 package kool-aid (if you want stronger flavor add 2 packages)
6 cups water

1 package or 4 tablespoons pectin
4 to 5 cups cups sugar
Add kool-aid and water to large pot, mix in pectin bring to boil and boil at least 2 minute. on med high heat.
Add sugar and bring to hard boil and boil 3 to 4 minutes.
Poor in jars add lids and rings and process in water bath or steam canner.

My mom made this when I was growing up and I have made it a few times myself For those times one can't afford fruit or don't have your own bushes or trees and no friends with same.

Please feel free to comment. 


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Winter Car Kits

Winter 2012 Car Kits

Something to hold your kit items.  Suggestions for items to add to personal kit..

  1. Duffle, case, hard case or backpack.  Whatever works best for you and the space you have.
  2. Blankets, small fleece or sleeping bag, you can also include things like space blankets for saving space. These can be laid in the truck or back seat for the winter and can be slipped into a garbage bag to be kept clean if need be.
  3. Rain ponchos this can keep rain and or snow off of you if you have to get out and say change a flat tire. They take up very little room.
  4. Change of warm clothing, warm hat, a pair of extra shoes or boots. Don’t forget under clothing. Nothing like wet cold feet and bottoms.
  5. Winter gloves
  6. Water if possible: one can get dehydrated in winter also. A small cooler can also help water and drinks from freezing quickly in cold weather.
  7. Food compact: as in protein bars, food emergency bars, flip top easy open foods etc. dried fruit, granola, hard candy.
  8. Medicines: a few extra pills in plastic bag or container to get you through.
  9. Flashlight and extra batteries, head lamps LED: type work well and leave you hands free along with their batteries lasting longer then regular flashlights.
  10. Lighter or matches
  11. First aid kit
  12. Packets of hand warmers
  13. Baby wipes: great for quick wash ups of hands and face. Come in all sizes of containers.
  14. Toilet paper
  15. If you have children traveling with you add in the items they will need within this kit or small packs styled just for them. Warm clothes, mittens, foods, small blanket or space blanket, poncho, diapers, etc etc.
  16. For children to keep busy: coloring books and crayons, books, and or a toy depending on their age etc.
 Car: As needed

1: Tools: Basic ones to work on car as needed
3: Work gloves
4: Windshield ice scraper
     5: Battery jumper cables
     6: Tow rope, cable or chain
     7: Small electrical tire air pump (Can be plugged into lighter plug)
   8: Flares or reflectors for stopped car


Pear/Banana Jam
2 cups pureed ripe banana's 
2 cups pureed pears, cored, leave skins on
1 package pectin or 4 Tablespoons
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
5 cups sugar
If you prefer more pear flavor 3 cups pear puree and 1 cup pureed bananas.
Puree fruits and add to large pot, add lemon juice and pectin. heat on med to med high heat till boiling (this will splatter).
Add the sugar and bring to a rapid boil and boil 4 minutes. Pour into jars; this makes 3 and 1/2 pints. Put on lids, rings and process 10 minutes in a steam canner or boiling water bath.

 Picture of canned peaches, pears and jams.

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