Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy Week & Pioneer Day Time

We have been working on weeding and got the soaker hoses int he garden, all i have to do is unhook and hook up hoses to them a section at a time.

We got the drip system fixed and redone in the parts that needed it in the area that has the fruit trees and bushes.  Kaylee helped papa in the garden a bit on Friday. She grabbed the water hose and got her feet and pants legs all wet and then muddy and blamed her papa and accused him of doing it lol.

 We pulled staples in the floor boards last night and hammered down nails and Dave put screws in it to hold better.  Wish we afford to fix the real wood floor under the floor boarding, but oh well.  We know its a mess and needs a lot of work.  Right now we can feel where a wall was taken down and not fixed real well.  It s just more then we can do right now.

 It's Pioneer Day time again. Dave is in charge again this year. I have been pulling stuff together on the parts we or I am doing.
72/96 hour kits, food storage, canning and drying, Dutch Oven seasoning, cleaning and some recipes.  I will have some samples of homemade soaps, sewing, knitting etc.
I am not taking my spinning wheel this year, but will have some wool people can hand card.

Here are some sites that have good ideas on making homemade vinegar, Dutch Oven cooking and etc.

 Seasoning and cleaning a Dutchy

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