Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week 41 and learning a new skill

It has been warm here for us the past couple of weeks. Day time temperatures in the high 30's into the 40's. A lot of the ice has even melted off, so no more surprises as you walk when there is a skiff of snow to hide that ice.
That will change in a day as we have snow and cooler temps headed in.

We found a used 25 inch weaving length table loom at a second hand store for very little (less then $25.00) so I am going to learn to weave.  It is an old Montana table loom and the company is out of business.  I had wanted to pick a instruction book up on it but thats out as their add says they have nothing in stock and want to sell the business.
I have always wanted to try this but could never afford one.
Wish me luck lol.
New 51 Week Storage Ideas Week Forty One

This is for two (2) people so buy according to your family’s size.

Non-food list:

Comfortable hiking or walking boots or shoes
Socks: 6 pair at least good socks, plus 3 pair of warm (wool) socks
Compass: If you or family had to walk cross-country a compass is very needed
Bicycle repair kit: 2, that’s if your have bike for members of the family.

Food list:

Dried milk: 5 to 10 pounds
Instant or dried Potatoes: 5 to 10 pounds


Patatiskorv (Swedish Potato Sausage)
4 and ½ pounds raw potatoes
2 pounds beef
2-½ pound pork
1-tablespoon salt
1-tablespoon pepper
1-tablespoon allspice
2 or 3 onions chopped fine
Grind meat twice, potatoes once. Mix with seasonings and stuff mixture into casings. (You can also fry up without being in casings.) Do not fill casings to full because the mixture expands when boiled. Pierce casings in several places to prevent bursting while cooking. Boil gently 1 hour. These can be kept in brine for some time if kept in a cool place or freeze with out brine.


Read up on or attend a class on Hypothermia and how to avoid it, CPR or first aid class.


  1. getting into a CPR or first aid class around here is harder than getting into wet jeans two sizes too small!

    but I have downloaded a couple of free medically based ebooks from amazon this week! yay! :)

    thank you again for doing this list!!! :)

  2. I always wanted a loom. Have fun learning how to use it. I bet if you typed in it's company's name online in the search engines you could possible find a manual or instruction book on it. Good luck:)

  3. Lol on the wet jeans Kellie.
    I have been typeing and asking differnt places like crazy Mel, thanks for wishing me luck.

  4. Nita (Countrystyle)January 11, 2012 at 3:25 AM

    I don't know if this will help but it has a lot of info about handlooms: Happy Weaving!

  5. Thanks Nita :) I will check it out.


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