Monday, January 9, 2012

Lists and thoughts for the week and great find

Been awake since 4:30 am. I tried to go back to sleep after hubby Dave left but that didnt work.
He built a fire before he left this morning that was really nice. I cooked some eggs on it this morning.

He also grabbed a few dozen eggs to drop off at the young Missionaries today if he can catch them. Today is their day off to wash clothes, do chores, activites etc.

Our poor old cat Tank was down howling by the house by 5:30 (he must have seem the livingroom light) so I let him in to eat and Lizzie dog out so she wouldn't eathis cat food, she just luveeeess cat food.
They are both lying not far from the wood stove sleeping.

The wind outside is blowing hard and we are to expect snow sometime this week. The snow they said we would get over the weekend didn't show up.  Didn't break my heart as Dave had to drive to Spokane WA Friday afternoon and drive home late.

Saturday Dave hauled wood onto the enclosed front porch for the week whle I got ready t go to twon. We had some errands to run, pick up grain for the Chickens etc and it was grandson Xanders birthday (our 4th son Jospeh's boy), a whole 2 years old. We went and joined them after we picked up my new glasses. Hard to believe it had been 4 yrs since gettting my last pair.

Sunday was Church of course and I traveled down to town in our older farm truck, thats my transportation. Dave had left just before 6 am for meetings.

We are getting plenty of eggs and I guess I should go ahead and dry some more this week. It has been awhile since I did that, now to get up the energy for that lol.

Just blend the whites and yolks and pour onto a tray with edges in your dehydrator. Mine has a fan and does a quick good job.

Dave and I are giving talks up at the Orofino Idaho ward at Church next Sunday so I have that to think about and do this week.  We love going up there in the fall for their Lumber Jack days.

They have the Dworshak National Fish Hatchery and the Dworshak Dam, third highest dam in the United States, completed in the early 1970s. They still pan for gold up there by the rivers and creeks aslo.

We found an old Rassumsen 4 harness table loom at a second hand store last week, in not to bad a shape and I am trying to find out all I can to be able to operate it. Montana Looms had bought the campany a few years ago but they are now out of business :( . So no getting a how to manuel from them. I thought yeah sure I finally get one and the company is out of business lol.

Here is the turkey broth I canned from the bones and scraps after Christmas.

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