Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 21

New 51 Week Storage Ideas Week Twenty One

This is for two (2) people so buy according to your family’s size.

Non-Food list:

Matches large kitchen type 2 or 3 boxes (strike anywhere if you can find them.)
Lighters pack of 8 to 12, convenient in wet weather
Masks N95 box of 24 if possible
Dental floss 2 containers

Food list:

Hard candy 2 bags, great as a treat in hard times
Corn meal 10 pounds
Whole wheat Flour 25 to 50 pounds or what ever you can get
White flour 25 to 50 pounds


Our Family Civil War Bread
2 ¼ cups rolled oats
2 cups corn meal
2-cups whole-wheat flour
2 tablespoons lard or oil
2/3-cup molasses
1-teaspoon salt
6 cups boiling water
2 packs or 2 tablespoons yeast
10 to12 cups of white flour
In a large bowl mix oats, corn and whole wheat, lard, molasses, and salt. Pour in boiling water; stir constantly until mixture is smooth. Set aside to cool to warm. Sprinkle the yeast on and blend. Stir in all the white flour one cup at a time until ¾’s of the flour is in, then ½ cup at a time, till the right consistency. Knead about eight minutes. Put dough in oiled bowl and turn to oil the top. Let rise then bunch down. Divide into 4th’s. Shape these into balls, and let rest 3 to 4 minutes. With hands press into flat ovals roughly the length of bread pan. Fold the oval in half, pinch seam tightly to seal tucked under ends. Repeat with others. Let rise, bake 350 deg. For one hour if it browns to quickly on the tops cover tops with foil tents.

Swedish hard tack
1 c. sour cream or yogurt
1 c. milk
2 c. flour
2 c. wheat flour
½ teasp. salt
1 teasp. baking powder
½ teasp. baking soda
Add more flour if needed. Roll out thin and as large as a dinner plate. Prick with a fork and Bake 350 degrees until light brown 15 minutes or so.

We have been working away here and there on the place.
I made strawberry preserves of the last of the strawberries, I went ahead and added the little bit of goose berries and currants that were ripe into the batch to.  It was the first year of the goose berries and currants.
It has really been dry with no rain in sight and we have had to keep things watered int he garden. The potatoes are doing great and so are the green beans.
We hope we can get quite a few things done this weekend as we don't really have to go anywhere for change.
I just put things back in Dave;s 72 hour kit that he had used to go onthe canoe trip witht he young men.
Now you can make 72-96 hour kits for the whole family in a large plastic conatiner of some kind maybe with wheels and then indivial ones in a back backs with thiings you would need to survive for 3 to 4 days if you had to get out quickly. Here are a fw web addresses that can help you figure out what you woudl like best in yours.

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  1. I was just passing through and popping on blogs that I've never been on before. So greetings folks from Lebanon county's Amish community. Richard


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