Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring huh lol

Well I guess it is raining instead of snowing but they say it may change over to snow today or any day this week yet.
34 degrees this morning was better then last week of 24 early in the morning.

Hope week 5 of the food storage list and information was some help.

I am hoping I get my lap top back tonight so many things on there that are not on this desk top.

I got a call just before 7am from the VA in North Carolina trying to get a hold of our daughter Coral in Arizona. She had been waiting for information from them for 4 plus months.

We got the south side gutter on the back of the lean-to on the barn with the down spout. We still have to get the 2 down spouts on the west side. But Dave did get all the seams sealed up.
My neck and shoulders are still bothering me form holding gutter up but at least it already had a fascia board up from when we built the lean to area.

We then went on to dig the area out on the west side of the garage to level off the land. It looks like we will have to put some drain tile in to keep it from becoming a pool.
Everything is up hill from where the house sits in its little valley.
With the main part of the dirt out while it was soft enough to use the tractor made it real nice.
He will level it off as the weather gets nicer.
Will be nice to have another place to park things with the cover he will put up. Like the tractor in the winter. Instead of always having to take the snow off of it first.

Kaylee made a bee line for the dirt pile as soon as they got home form town.

Calf and mama out and about.

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