Monday, February 7, 2011

Dave just called

Dave just called this morning, he is over in Yakima WA for meetings. He and one of his foremen drove over there leaving Sunday morning for meetings this morning. He called to see how things were going at home :).
He will be home he hopes before midnight tonight.

Kathy had her gall bladder surgery this last Wednesday at 10 am. We had to be there at 7:30 am. Kaylee was at daycare and the her aunt Terra's and unkle Jeff as she says it lol. Dave picked her up to bring her home after he got out of his shift at the family history center.
Kathy's surgery went well the doc said, but she had a whole lot of scaring around her gall bladder from all the attacks she had.
She was finally moving around better last evening.
I have been the one running after 2 yr old Kaylee, lifting her and etc and  am worn out lol.

Got quite a few calls on my Birthday Saturday, that was nice.
Some when I wasn't home. We had gone to Lewiston for the day. Dave was gonna help son Seth paint Seth's mother in laws house on the inside, they were moving into and asked if Dave could help.
Many hands make light work.
While they were painting I took Kaylee and we ran a few errands for 3 hours then went back to see the work and pick up Dave.

Kathy called and her sister Terra had come up to our place while we were gone with a couple gifts for Kathy and a birthday gift for me.
She had gotten me a real nice book: The Timeline Of Native Americans.
The Timeline of Native Americans (Timeline of...)The Timeline of Native Americans (Timeline of...) 

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  1. I'm glad the surgery went well. Hopefully things will get back to normal.


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