Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow blown

Our daughter had to park 3 miles away in our tiny town at the country road shop, others do to at this time of year. 
No way she would have gotten home last night with a blizzard still going on. Dave took the 4 wheel drive truck down to pick her up and I had to take her down there at 7:3 this morning. Dave called about 6:30 and said he went out behind the snow plow at 5:30.
But 2 hours later there was only one side of the road left because of the drifts and I had to plow through a foot of snow on the other side. I broke the way for the jeep behind me who was also going to the country road shop parking lot to drop off his wife so she could get to town.
Daughters car was covered with lots of ice as only 3 miles from out place where it was snowing to beat the band it was sleeting. I brought a shovel along and good thing I did. Had to shovel snow away from her tires. He and baby got going to day care and work then. The State roads had been plowed thank goodness.
I got home and did my chores of feeding and watering the chickens, cow and cat. 

I had to dig a foot to 18 inches of snow away from the coop door just to get it open. The same for the barn doors.
I was sure glad to get back in the house.
We are supposed to have a warm up with this storm coming from the south and it is starting to clear now before the rain hits with temperatures in the high 30's to low 40's.
I guess the area below us could see some flooding with this quick warm up. 
Watch out below will be the saying the next couple of days.
Well laundry is in the washer and I will see what else can be done but I am a bit worn out from the shoveling.

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