Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Days fly by

Boy time goes to fast.
Dave left the house at 4:27 this morning, he had a flight to Portland via Lewiston and Seattle early.
I got back up about 7:20 and got a fire going, let the dog and cat out for a bit. Tank the cat doesn't usually spend the night on the front porch but I forgot he came in late to eat last night.
Dave called a bit ago and he was in Seattle and was just about to board the flight to Portland and wanted to say hi.
He will be home around midnight to 1 am Thursday night.
I have another batch of pumpkin butter going and I am going to can some chicken broth I made up from the left over chicken bones and so on today.
We have had a warm front in again for a couple of days (highs in the high 30's during the day) and a lot of the snow is gone. 
Kathy has been able to pull down to the bottom of the driveway the last 3 days. She is getting ready for work now. Little Kaylee is still asleep.

This past Sunday after Church we went to our daughter in laws Jaylynn's folks house for a late celebration of Joseph and Jaylynn's little boy 1st Xander's birthday.
I forgot my camera of course.

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  1. I don't know how you do it! A "warm" front in the 30's? Brrrrrr


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