Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Been melting

That warm front with Temperatures in the high 30's to around 40 have pretty well melted all but the high drifts and built up snow banks form plowing.
The creek beside the house is really flowing good, unusual to see at this time of year.
This is about 14 feet out from our back door.

 A view from the front bridge.

They are saying snow is headed in today with up to 3 inches and then the same for tonight that usually means up to 6 inches or so for us today and then tonight again as we get double of what the little town of Anatone does and that is what the weather report is for.
Kaylee is at daycare today so I have been trying to get more done today in the house.
I figure I will be working n getting the squashes cooked and canned up that we still had in the garage.

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  1. They are calling for 3 to 6 inches Thurs here. I've had enough.


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