Friday, December 10, 2010

Wind, rain, wind & more wind

We have had quite a few days of pretty good winds this week.
That sure makes it colder when you are out with that wind whipping off the snow. 
The good thing is the warm front that came in this week. We have had 30's during the day and that has melted off about half our snow.
But it rains/sleet in the late afternoon early evening and then freezes over night. Makes it pretty treacherous the next morning.
Been thinking I need to start getting things going for Christmas and with my health problems it sure seems harder.

Dave heads to Spokane again today  and will be home around 1 AM.
I have a chocolate hot water cake in the oven for him to take with him today to share. It sure is smelling good lol.

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  1. Very cold and windy here too! We all need your recipe for the chocolate hot water cake. lol


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