Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tree up

We finally found the small fake Christmas tree. I looked 2 days for it and Dave finds it behind the chimney up in the attic. Wouldn't ya know lol.
So the tree is up decorated and plugged in.

The tree looks better at night lit up.

Dave got more wood put on the porch and grain into the coop barrels.

Kaylee looking at the wood papa brought in the house.
Dryer wood inside so the wetter stuff can dry out on the porch. Dave is taking from the snowed on pile for now, he wants to use that up before we start on the wood in the wood shed.

My mom came out this afternoon and visited so Kaylee and her great grandma got to visit.

Oh the pumpkin butter turned out wonderful. It is canned up and ready to give out.

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