Monday, December 6, 2010

Another week already

The first week of December is almost gone already, boy is time flying. Hard to believe 2010 is almost done with.

I didn't realize it had been 6 days since I posted here.
It has been a busy few days.

Dave spent 5 hours outside on Friday most of the time plowing snow. He did the driveway, the parking area and turn around area, in front of the barn and had to take grain to the chicken coop so he plowed his way up there as well.  
Getting across the creek bed was a struggle.

He got the front deck all shoveled off and the ramp/bridge to the front deck so he could bring wood in to the wood rack on the front porch, here is the bridge before it was shoveled. You can just barely see the ramp. One has to cross the ramps that cross the creek to get to the house.

Here is the drift we have building around the back of the house by the dog house.

There is a warm front in, it is 30 degrees already this morning. Supposed to be in the 30's during the day all week this week. That will mean wet, slushy, mushy snow.
But the warmer is nice.

I got the wood stove going about 5:25 this morning and it wasn't real cool in here at all with the warmer temps outside.

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  1. It's not even winter yet and I'm already ready for Spring. We have a long way to go. lol


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