Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow is here

This is this morning and it is still snowing.
Hopefully Kathy won't have a problem getting out. Dave had the truck as the Escape is in the shop until Wednesday so he had no problem at all.
I haven't seen or heard the snow plow yet on our country road, he usually gets here by now.

This weekend we worked on getting the wood shed tarp fixed and the one on the old RV that the wind practically blew off and no way we know how as it was tied down and etc. well now its really tied down, every grommet has a rope tied down to under the RV on the frame.
We also worked on getting the wood shed all filled before the snow got here. We made it. I helped load the truck once even with my bad cold. And started to help take it into the wood shed when Dave ordered into the house as I had been out there in the cold for 3 hours.
Full wood shed.

On Saturday Dave arranged the old paint/water containers as a snow fence.

Here is the storm coming in.

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  1. I sure hope you get over your cold soon. I could just imagine how hard it was to stack all that wood. But, on the bright side, now you can stay warm this winter.


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