Monday, November 15, 2010

New storms coming

Well chores are done this morning. While out there I plugged in our diesel truck so it will be all ready for me to go get Dave form work tonight. The Escape goes in for its latest fix from the deer running into the right side today and will be at the shop all week.

Dave filled the chicken coop barrels on Friday and a few other chores. It was cold and windy, the same for  Then we left to go to the Spokane Temple about 12:15. 3 hour drive as usual, he got home about 1:45 AM.

Saturday but with sleet, rain and snow at different times added in with the wind. He said we would load the back of the truck with 2 loads of wood and throw it in the wood shed to stack. 
Welllllll that turned into 4 loads and I had to stop after 2 and half loads. My Fibromyalgia will only let me do so much and later in the day and the next I paid for what I did do. lol.

These piles are now in the shed.

Dave took 2 hours to stack that. We were hoping that the wind would die down do we could get the new tarp over the back end of the wood shed, but no go. That doesn't look good for the next few days either later today we have high winds coming in with winds to 40 mph tonight.

I think most things are battened down.

Our daughter and son in law in AZ sent us a couple pictures of them and the 2 children. They make most all their own costumes. But I don't know about Kaiba's this year.

Kylee & Kaiba

Coral & Kirk

Here is Kirk again.

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