Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blizzard out there

Dave had a hard time seeing to get home from work once he got to the top of the grade, it is just a white out outside. He also helped a u with a truck and trailer chain up the guys truck after he hit black ice and the wind blew him sideways right off the road.
He and Kathy just took her car down to the state shop to park the car for tomorrow him going ahead n the truck. Then I will go with him to work in the morning, bring the truck back to drive her down to the state shop and her car tomorrow so she can get to work. The state shop is right by the highway.

We had a good Thanksgiving, some of the kids were able to come up. I sent a tray of food down to my mom and her boy friend and son Khristopher and his wife Amanda dropped it off to them. Mom was hurting and didn't feel up to coming up.

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