Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time Flies

Hard to believe this week is almost over.
Dave has been off to Milford OR at a meeting and will be home tonight at about 1 am if he is lucky and then takes off for Spokane around 12 pm on Saturday and won't be back until like 1 am again. He will be one tuckered out fella.
I just got finished packaging up a very large pack of Brats into smaller air tight packs on the Food saver.
I haven't canned up anything so far this week but the first batch of potatoes seems to be cured enough to bag up.
Yesterday morning when I went to give the cow some hay in the barn the sun had just reached the roof of the barn and the frost was melting and dripping off.  At least the frost level isn't down by the garden area yet.
It was 35 degrees when I got up with a very cool breeze out there.
I have had to get a fire going in our wood stove the last 3 days we had a couple of days off with some warmer weather. Another warm front is supposed to be coming in tomorrow and Saturday. Its 55 here today.
here is a sunset picture and if you look hard down in the middle bottom you can see a hawk sitting on the power pole.

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