Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Late start to the week

Today got to be Monday and Tuesday combined.
Washing and hanging clothes, vacuuming, straightening up and making some nice thick stew like soup for the week.
We went to Spokane Washington for the day yesterday left at 6:36 am and got home at 4:40 pm. Then it was time to do the chores and get the left front side gate back on its hinge pins, some how someone bumped it or something with a vehicle, maybe backing up and knocked it a screw and off the top pin.
We got that done and tightened all bolts and adjusted so both sides to match again and swing open and closed well again.
In the fall the cattle herds are brought down out of the mountain pastures and woods to take down to the lower pastures and the gates have to work well to keep them from coming down the driveway.
We will be pulling the beets and turn ups sometime this week and get those canned up and done with. 
And depending on how many cucumbers we have pickles made, bread and butter and kosher dills.
These are 2008's pickles I didn't get pictures of last years.
The soup is simmering and ready to eat, it has been cooking since around 11:30 am. 
It is a vegetable, beef, lentil and rice soup. I am trying to decide if I want or feel like making biscuits or not.

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