Monday, September 20, 2010

Its Monday

It was a work weekend and a normal Monday.
Friday it was going to a new Doctors office and signing papers to get our records shipped over to the new guy.  He doesn't want to re-invent the wheel on all my health problems which is a great idea. 
Always a pain filling out all that paper work when you are new some where ack.
Friday we also picked up some lumber to rebuild sides on our wood/multi use trailer. Then picked up the trailer at our son Seth's house on the way out of town.
Our bank account was about empty so we will tighten the belt again with buyng nothing but fule for the vehicles for the next two weeks; but we had to have the lumber for the trailer or it is almost useless to haul wood, grain etc.
We unloaded the chicken grain and few odd groceries and it was around 7:30 when we finished the night chores.  Being in town sure wipes me out. 
The doc put me on a couple of new med.s for night time for my fibromyalgia to help with sleeping. One being a muscle relaxant.
Saturday morning we got up a bit late; the new meds had me on the groggy side and I decided I best take them at 6 or 7 pm from now on.  Help not be a medicine head all morning.
We got out to the garden to pull the beets, pick our few green beans off the plants that survived the strange summer and dig up one row of potatoes, they did better then we thought they were doing, YEAAA. But the voles have been feasting on the to.
96 lbs of potatoes
Beets, beans, cukes, spag. squash

I was a slow helper I tell you that with being a groggy head. 
Dave hit the squash vine so we got one of our spag. squash harvested.
After a short lunch break we started in on the trailer bed. I always get to be the holder while the screws get put in, go-fer and screw and nail older hander over.
putting sides together on the ground

We still have some things to do on the enclosure and a back door/gate to build for it.
I have laundry washing and just came in from hanging a load.
Dishes washed, a batch of eggs washed and a x-rock chicken roasting for supper tonight. 
We are supposed to dig another row of potatoes tonight; guess we will see how that goes as Dave's neck was bothering him yesterday.
I have been working on my latest book the sequel to After The
Dying Time.
I have also started on a new book; couldn't help my self lol.

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