Friday, September 10, 2010


Dave is off to Spokane today; I sent him off with a very large bowl of tuna salad and homemade apple sauce to share. 
I am trying to get some canning done this afternoon.
Canning up some of the soup I made this week so Dave can throw a jar of it in his lunch box now and then. 
Also canning up extra tomatoes into sauce so they won't go to waste. 
All American 921 All-American 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/CannerAll American 921 All-American 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner 
We still have the beets to pull and can up but we got behind on the things that need done before the snow flies.
Tomorrow Dave is going to bring wood down to our homemade wood rack on the front enclosed porch as we are building at least one fire a day now to take the chill off the house. 
Not the clearest picture in the world of it.
He is still talking of getting a wood permit so we can go cut 8 cords of wood up in the forest. I am beginning to wonder when we will get that done, seems like winter is coming early. 
I hope we will be able to, getting a bit hard with just the 2 of us to do that these days and he does most of the work. But I guess we will push on anyway as normal.
We still need to bring the trailer home as it is at our son Seth's house and then build new sides on it before we haul wood on it.
While things are in the canner and little Kaylee isn't home I think I will bring my spinning wheel down from the loft as I need some more yarn spun up for things I would like to get knitted this fall.
Lendrum spinning wheel
Homemade collapsible drying rack
Scarf on knitting board for double sided scarf
These are the drop spindles I made. I try to keep in practice on one now and then.
The laundry is going and the soup is up to pressure in my American pressure canner.
So off to do a little spinning.

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  1. Just dropping by to check out the famly's going ons...haven't been by since the 1st of the month. You two sure have accomplished an awful lot so far this month! I'm still waiting for my tomatoes and onions, and the first potato planting was somewhat disappointing...too small except for stews and such. Hopefully my next harvest will have larger ones. If anyone else reads this, DO NOT waste your money on the Tomato Tree seeds. The tomatoes are about the size of large cherry tomatoes and they are extremely difficult to start and maintain. To top it off, they're packaged in CHINA and it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Monsanto provided the seeds for them. They are a true waste of time and money. I'll stick with the heirlooms next year.
    I wish we were there to be able to help out...OH! We still have all this Poplar and Black Elm wood if you want it. Just let us know.


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