Monday, June 7, 2010

Lots of rain

This is the rainiest spring we have had up here in the 6 yrs we have been up here. We might get a dry day tomorrow.

Friday we picked up daughter Tanya and grandson Braden up from the airport in Spokane WA.

Saturday we went to daughter in laws graduation from nursing school (it didn't rain on us) was a nice day but 72 degrees and we weren't used to those warm temps. We didn't know the ceremony was going to be outside and Dave and I had Kaylee. I was so glad I had put a hooded cotton shirt on her because of the sun and her very light completion.

We got home and relaxed for a bit and put Kaylee down for a nap. Then Dave decided it was time to tear out the living room carpet and pad. We are down to particle board with a very large rug in front of the sofa and love seat.

Then we went out and planted 3-50 foot rows of potatoes. It has rained every day since.

Today the storms were flicking our electric on and off. Terra and Tanya came out with Braden and he had to see all the farm animals and then Tanya cut my hair. They ended up having to go to the car in a gully washer.

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