Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Got a couple of snap shots of the new goslings. Cute little buggers. The bear hasn't come back which is very good but we get up and check on things when one of the dogs starts to bark. Makes for a hard night but better then not knowing whats going on.

I just brought all 4 lines of clothes in it looks like it is going to rain soon. I had left them up over night and had to wait for the heavy dew to dry off of them.

I got one of my books I bought off of Amazon, this one was used; The Art & Craft Of Handmade Paper that i got for .68 cents. It cost more to ship it them buy it. Dave says only my wife would want to know how to make paper lol.  Its for making paper out of all kinds of different plants; which I find very interesting.

I also bought used North Shore Cookery. It is a 1977 republished cook book from 1945/47; from housewives from the shores of Lake Superior. My mom gave me her old 1945 one but it is on rough shape and a few pages are missing. I bought one for her and one for me and I know she will be delighted.

Our lilacs are blooming this week, I guess its our spring now.

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  1. Sally - The goslings are adorable and your lilacs are beautiful! I think the lilacs I have are defective. I replanted them 5 years ago when we moved in, and they haven't blossomed since. Also, this is the 3rd year my Bearded Irises haven't bloomed...they're reproducing, but all I get is the leaves. Making your own paper now??? ;)


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