Thursday, June 17, 2010

36 deg. this morning for crying out loud.

I guess to start DJ our son from 3 hours west of us and grandson Adrian came to visit. They arrived Monday late afternoon at 4:50. His daughter Michaela stayed at her mom's. DJ and Adrian helped with the chores that night.

Tuesday morning Dave had to work so DJ went to work on the mowing.

Then he decided to start on the tree that fell across 2 of our fences behind the chicken coup.

Dave got home around 1 PM changed and went out to help DJ. They took turns cutting.

Here is what happened to the gate when the tree fell on the fence. Not to mention the post and the corner post of the chicken fence it was tied into.

After this was cut away from the fence they went up on top off our hill and cut down 4 other dead trees.

Adrian helped keep Kaylee busy while Kathy was washing her car.

Then they had to take down the fencing by the back yard. Next in line was the 102 foot dead pine tree in our back yard by the chicken yard. Only like 20% of the tree was still alive and no way I wanted it all the way dead in the middle of winter with the winds we get.

Time to get the fence back up right away as soon as the tree portion is cut out of the way, we don't want the cow and bulls getting out.

It was a very full day.

Wednesday it was 38 degrees to start and rained all day. Dave brought in a load of wood and we had to get a fire going in the wood stove. So not much work got done and DJ left for home around 5 PM.

This morning it was 36 degrees I had to go out and do my chores in my winter coat, hat and gloves. Plus the winds are high here today. Not to mention it is raining.

I decided since I had to get a fire going I might as well cook the bacon on the wood stove this morning. Ahh nice and warm.


  1. Sooooooo, guess ya don't need anymore wood, ehhhh? LOL Don't ya just love this weather?! I was almost ready to cover the tomatoes last night. You just's going to get hot and stay that way for 2 and dry-high fire danger-then, dry lightning-then, all this vegetation from ALL the rain we had will go up in flames. They're already saying we're in for a bad fire season this year. I guess 114 years ago, the Bitterroot and Clearwater forests went up in smoke. They said that this year is mimiccing the same conditions as then. How do you feel about guests????? ;-)

  2. There are still a few spots available here lol.

  3. This is "Countrystyle" from HT forum. Been following your blog for a bit now...I enjoy your posts and pics.

    Was nice that your son was able to come and help with the trees and the fence.

    I forgot how cool the PNW could be. We're in SW MO. We had 70* at 4 a.m. this morning and gonna be 90* this afternoon....I sure hope your fire season is at a minimum this year instead of recod breaking..our tornado season wasn't too bad this spring - I can smell that wood smoke and bacon now! Later


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