Monday, June 21, 2010

1st day of summer?

We got a bit of a break on the weekend from the rain, Saturday it didn't rain until the late afternoon as we were planting more of our garden. The temperature got to the high of 57 first.

Dave got the barn all mucked out, we went to the landfill on a trash run and got a few other things done.It poured all Saturday night.

Rained last night again and was 44 degrees when I went out to do the chores and very windy. I was wearing my winter coat again. And supposed to rain more today.

Its off to the dentist for me today I have a checkup at noon, not my favorite thing to do that's for sure.

George Goose came waddling out this morning from his pen with 3 goslings. I had to go shoo him and pick up the babies and put them back in the pen enclosure for safety while I am gone today.  I don't trust Ginger dog at all. Gracie must still be sitting on some others.

Here is a picture of our Lizzie dog just sitting on the hill side watching things.

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