Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wild Turkeys Have been on the Move

Many days of watching the wild turkeys up here.

Then our boys come charging down out of the coop when they hear the wild Tom's, gobbling away warning the wild ones off and away.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Kitchen Cupboard Problems

Well I think we are finally on the mend from the colds and flu. That took all of December.

Daughter Co also finally got her much needed surgery and has two weeks and a couple of days under belt from it. It still looks awful. She had the stables out a few days ago. They had to use plastic bolts to connect the Achilles tendon as it ripped off in an odd way and took bone with it.

We had a couple of kitchen cupboards decide they were going to give up the ghost along the back seams, so we took them down 2 days ago, fixed them and rehung them today. So nice to have my dishes back in a cupboard again. Always something.

We've looked a whole lot like this most days lately. The last few days we have had high winds. 30 to 50 mph. Raging out there right now.

I have been working on a new baby quilt and making more bags.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bad Colds Here

We have some real bad colds here. Dear hubby came down with it a couple of days ago and I'm going on 12 days with mine. :(

It is 8 degree's F. right now out there but at least the wind isn't blowing like a banshee like yesterday with the cold. We also have several inches of snow with some ice under that.

Daughter in Afghanistan detached her Achilles tendon from her right heel yesterday and they are supposed to be getting her on her way to Kandahar and then to Dubai for surgery. There is a time limit in which it can be fixed right. :(. Yikes.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Woke Up To Snow

Yep we woke up to a few inches of the white stuff.

Thanksgiving went very well and we got to visit with 2 parts of the family. So many of my pictures didn't turn out :(.

                                                   48 pound smoked turkey

Granddaughter and her great grand
 Grand & boyfriend holding 2 of the great grands & great great grandmother beside them.
Grands having a good time together
More cooking

Daughter in laws folks

Monday, November 5, 2018

Mild Fall So Far

It's been a real nice mild fall as far as the weather goes so far. Some cold, frosts, rain and lots of wind but else not bad. A little drier than we like it but the rain finally moved in again a few days ago. We go from totally dry to mud but one can't have one without the other.

A cold front is coming in this week so here comes the cold. My sister and cousins in the UP of Michigan have already been getting snow.

My sister Laura in the UP passed the 15 of October from her fight with cancer. It took a couple of days for us to get the news. She was 55 years old. So young yet.

It was time to clean the chicken coop again and down new straw.

I did manage to get some Elderberry syrup made for helping to keep some illnesses at bay. This time off of our own elderberry bushes. First year we have gotten any berries from them.

We keep our daughter in Afghanistan close in our prayers. Lots going on over there.

Also all of our condolences to those losing loved ones to this war.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fall Work

Fall is upon us and so there are things to be done before we're deep in snow.

Mowing the fields to ready them for spring.

The plums are picked.

Woodshed is being filled. Time for new tarps it seems. We're hoping to build a wooden shed for the wood next summer.

Son S from down in the valley came up to help his dad get our 10 yr old camper readied for winter by blowing out the water lines.

Muffit the turkey hen decided this morning that she likes the roof of the house.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bear: Persevering And Cooking


Cut up your bear as you would a hog.  You can salt cure the hams and shoulders the same also.  You can cook your bear the same as you cook venison and elk, or you can parboil your bear meat in water with several large apples, when the apples fall apart the bear meat is ready to be seasoned and baked as you wish.  Make sure bear meat is cooked well. This kind of info can also be found in the Foxfire books.  My dad always thought bear meat was on the greasy side.

The following is a good recipe for roasts of all kinds:
Old Fashion Roast From Frieda born in KY.

My mother mentioned above taught me this recipe for to-die-for roasts many years ago and her mother taught it to her and so on. You can use it with elk, beef, and pork; beef and pork don’t need as much garlic.  Take your three-pound or so roast, rub a flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper mixture on it, then take a few garlic cloves and make a few holes in the roast and shove in them in.  Grease your roasting pan with a generous amount of bacon grease, pour in ½ cup water, lay roast in pan and cover with strips of bacon.  Next, add small potatoes or larger ones cut in half, then add your carrots cut in half-length wise, cut large ends in half.  Add to pan also, and then slice in thick rings of onions to cover roast.  Put on lid or cover snugly with aluminum foil.  Cook in oven 300 degrees for four to five hours.  Check about every ½ hour after three hours depending on the size of the roast.  Of course more hours for bigger roasts.  With a really big roast- whole potatoes and just cut carrots in half.  If you want good venison, bacon and garlic are a must.