Friday, July 24, 2015

Home Again, Recovering From Trip

It was good to have a break but it is also very good to be home to our own bed.

We took a bit more time coming home and went to the Grand Canyon and a couple of National Parks. There is one thing that happens to us when we go somewhere, it rains.

 THis below is a rock that rolled down off the cliff by the road.
 We then went to Bryce and the Red Canyon. It rained about 1/2 way through the park.

 These below are called Hoodoos.
Son KH came up to help water again the day we got home. Dh's back was really hurting.

While we were gone ground squirrels ate all of our different types of beans to the ground. It is too late in our season for us to replant.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Seeing the Sights in Utah

We are doing something we haven't done in a decade and that is take our time and see a few things.

We hadn't know Tombstone was so close to daughter and son in laws so we bopped over there to enjoy that and even went to Boot Hill.


We took in a wild animal park/zoo Bearizona.

We are now up in Utah enjoying some time here. We hope all of you out there are doing well and stay safe.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Down In Arizona

We have been down here in Sierra Vista AZ for a week yesterday. We are enjoying our visit with a daughter C, son in law K and the two youngsters. It has been 10 years since our last vacation.

We saw a few sights as we drove past them.

DH has helped do a few things around their place and helped grandson plant a tree that the boy named Groot. Also helped fix the cracked sprinkler pipes.

They also put up a new screen door. Only took 5 hours :). They had to redo the door frame and etc.

This is our last day here. Then we will try and visit family in Flagstaff and be on our way home.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

There Be Rain Here or Warm and Blooming

Yes, in fact we did get rain off and on for the past week. I know for others they have way too much with the floods and all that have devastated areas. But we were very very dry after a winter with hardly any snow.

We finally got potatoes planted not all put at least 4 rows of them. We still have more things that need planted.

 Grandson Logan graduated High School. Under him on the left is his older brother and on the right his cousin Gavin.

I have even managed to bake a few things in the wood stove, like bread.

Our lilacs bloomed this last week. Also the tulips and the narcissus.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

An Early Spring?

Yes it is an early spring for us. It spit snow on us this past Saturday and only had one night of frost in a week. We have been getting some rain here and there this past week and we REALLY needed it. 

We have a raised bed box replaced around the asparagus bed. We still have the spring tilling to do to get the garden in.

The next thing was a nice thing, we brought down the old kitchen cabinet we found nailed to a wall in the barn. I have been putting old things I have found buried in the ground on the bottom shelf.

Then the Electric Co. came and took down the tree that was leaning over the power line and Dh got it cut up and we cleaned up the area and took the wood up to the barn area to dry for next year.

Dh took the tractor and even out the ground in both lean-tos so we could get the gravel in them.

 He also started clearing the area where the metal building is going to go.

 Then the gravel came.

In-between things we worked on the old wood cook stove, I was hand sanding but it was taking forever so dh took pity on me and used a wire wheel and the drill :) We had to drill out the dampers for the wood box and son dh Jr. helped with that as he and the two teens were here from Sunday night to a couple of hours ago.

I cooked supper yesterday of chicken cacciatore, noodles and biscuits on and in the cook stove. Works super.

 Dh and dh Jr. worked on the big dead tree out by our back fence line for about 3 hours.

Last but not least our apple tree bloomed this week. It doesn't look like the frost last week bothered it :).