Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bathroom Mostly Finished

The bathroom is pretty much finished except for the flooring. That will be done when we fix the kitchen floor. Under the temporary vinyl are the porch boards since it was a back porch back in the day when the place was built.

After: And finding out that the wall there on the right is tilted in as it goes up. Made things more interesting than we needed.

Yay verily yay, a toilet in that flushes all the time, not just half the time if that.
 The vanity and sink were put in yesterday with a new faucet set :). The flooring will go down when we do the kitchen floor and just take it into the bathroom. Plus he is going to make a cabinet next to the vanity to put things in that will be below the med. cabinet which goes goes up on the wall Monday.
The door to the bathroom from the kitchen isn't back on as yet as we need to replace part of the frame work that is bad. Be prepared lol.
 Yesterday evening dear hubby put the last of the middle support boards in for the see through roof panels for the green house.

Wish I was in Church today but I am not feeling well and that redone bathroom is way more than my friend today. I would never make the 40 minute drive.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Redoing Bathroom GADS

We pulled the sink and vanity, toilet, did some first coat painting and then dh started tearing up the 6 layers of flooring and several inches high bathroom floor. All had more than enough screws, nails and staples and glue.
1. Vinyl
2. Particle board
3. More particle board
4. Carpet
5. Linoleum
6. Plywood
Then the old board used as the base of the floor. We think the bathroom was put in, in the 1950's. There used to be a outdoor John behind the garage.
We have 55 inches by 60 to work with for sink, vanity and toilet. Plus the small bedroom doorway into the bathroom.

Layer of carpet under other layers being pulled out below.

 And wa la down to the oldest floor boards, finally.
Making a template for the cement board
Cutting the cement board

One of the daughters came up and brought the grand girl that will spend a few days here.
All fireworks shown were safe and legal.

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Green House is coming together.

We got a chance to work on the green house today. I mostly held boards and was the go-fer.

Over a week ago papa and K digging worms for the chickens.

Today behind  the backyard

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Never Ending Things That Need Done

We're trying to get all the things done around here that have added up and have been planned to get finished this summer. But trying to keep up with the things that have to be done week to week. You know like mowing and weed eating etc.

Our area has seen a rash of family dogs being hit and shot. We do our best to keep ours in our fenced yard. Nothing but gravel roads here but some folks think they are running the Indy 500 or something.

The first week of summer vacation finds one of the grand girls here and digging for treasure.

Creek time

The lilac's just bloomed here this week.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Work and Delays

One delay after another here on garden area. We have thousands of thistles in the garden area. Dh has been trying to get rid of them before we plant so we don't fight them all summer again. Only problem we're not getting enough days with no rain. We have planted this late before because of freezing so that's no problem.

He did get the area up by the barn smoothed out and more will be done by hand.

Turkeys and new chicks are now down in their new home until he end of summer :).

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lots To Do It Seems

A big Happy Anniversary to our son S and daughter in law J. Does the year fly by or what! A back when pic :)

We are still working on farm chores, new chicks are now transferred down to the newer pen. Hubby weed eating the grass down for them. Took 4 hours from getting pen set up and ready to catching and shipping them down to new area.
Wood pecker outside of back door.
Flowers blooming around the place.

The apple tree is getting ready to bloom and maybe next week the lilacs will also.

We hope this finds all out there well and doing as good as possible.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spring Has Sprung

Yes spring is here for us. The daffodils are up and blooming and hubby has even mowed once already. Just this last week.

The pastures are all bush hogged and ready for animals.

The temperatures were in the 50's but bam today will be low 70's.

This was one of the days.

The chicks are growing well and are now in a larger area. They have been spreading out and running and trying to fly. This was taken one cool morning. Their light stays on in case they get cool.

This is Gus the neighbors bull. He loves to lick boots and shoes if you are near him. So be prepared.