Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lots To Do It Seems

A big Happy Anniversary to our son S and daughter in law J. Does the year fly by or what! A back when pic :)

We are still working on farm chores, new chicks are now transferred down to the newer pen. Hubby weed eating the grass down for them. Took 4 hours from getting pen set up and ready to catching and shipping them down to new area.
Wood pecker outside of back door.
Flowers blooming around the place.

The apple tree is getting ready to bloom and maybe next week the lilacs will also.

We hope this finds all out there well and doing as good as possible.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spring Has Sprung

Yes spring is here for us. The daffodils are up and blooming and hubby has even mowed once already. Just this last week.

The pastures are all bush hogged and ready for animals.

The temperatures were in the 50's but bam today will be low 70's.

This was one of the days.

The chicks are growing well and are now in a larger area. They have been spreading out and running and trying to fly. This was taken one cool morning. Their light stays on in case they get cool.

This is Gus the neighbors bull. He loves to lick boots and shoes if you are near him. So be prepared.

Monday, April 9, 2018

New Chicks

We have 50 new chicks, 25 Rhode Island Reds and 25 White Leghorns. The Royal Palms turkeys won't be here for about 2 weeks. We tried to have them come all at the same time but it wasn't to be. Hard to see them inthe red heat lamp light.

The snow is almost all melted, we just have what's left over from the high drifts and under the trees in the forest. The lower pond is full. We are getting mostly rain these days with sleet now and then.

I have started making carry and or storage bags out of the grain bags :) My extra yarns I am using at the time are in one for now.

I am almost ready to put my new book up on Amazon. I am going through it for the last time after hubby edited it. Should be able to get that done in less than another week, hopefully.

All take care.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Back To Cold and Snow

Yes we are back to winter after over a month of moderate temperatures. We have been below zero and have several inches of snow.

It is snowing again today and the temperatures are around 20 deg. F. So warmer today.

I did manage to get my newer book up and running on Amazon. Just Call Me Garbage: Cat Girl Of CWY. This one runs more towards the science fiction type.



Saturday, February 3, 2018

Back to Mud.

We had several inch's of snow but it warm up Wednesday night and started raining, rained most of Thursday and Friday. So it's sloppy out that with mud and really soft ground. Still some ice and frozen ground under that so it really makes things interesting. The winds been roaring all night and still is.

Yesterday was get fire starters made day as we had used the last one that morning from last year. So 358 fire starters later and one emergency candle later I was done. We collect old candles to use for this. And with having chickens we had left over pine shavings from raising chicks last year.
 The candle here may look big but it's a small can from canned clams like a tuna fish can size. Will give heat and light. I just used want was left form making the fire starters. Pine shavings and candle wax.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Snow, Fog, Frost, Wind, Mud, Fog, Frost, Rain, Ice, Snow, Fog, Frost, Ice, Mud, Repeat

Our weather sure has been up and down. This winter has been a lot like the winter of 2004-2005.

Last night we ended up with around 8 inches of snow and it is supposed to warm up today to around 43. So lots of melting and then mud over ice. Makes for interesting times in the chicken yard.
 Neighbors animals

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Hope all will have a better year then the one just ending.

Gee whiz that year went by pretty quickly. Wasn't it just the other day and we were heraldling in the 21 century? Sure seems like it.
This is what we looked like that last of December and 1st week of January.
 Taken just as the sun was coming up over the back hills and trees.
 Jan. 1st week. melting and fog then freezing fog. And a yard and driveway of ice.

The moon pic was through the bathroom window at 3AM with tummy problems.

The temperatures have been in the 30's during the day the last 3 or 4 days and the ice is melting slowly. Rained a gully washer last night. Hubby is thinking he might be able to work on the greenhouse some more if the weather will be like this for a few more days.