Saturday, September 17, 2016

New Door ON Back Porch, Yippeeee

We had no choice but to put in a replacement door on the back porch. The old one had been found in the barn after we moved here over 12 years ago. The small back enclosed porch just had an open doorway and the snow would pile in with no problem at all. We were happy to find an old door but through the years and repair after repair found the pour thing still falling apart and the frame not holding up well. Some of the grands through the years hadn't helped that matter lol.

Another problem is the 65 year old concrete sidewalk had heaved under it as well as around the entrance. It needed to be broken out of there and we found some of it to be 8 inches thick. A 3 foot piece had to be taken out so the new screen door would open. So without further ado it was time to replace it.

 A friend came up to help and later on our youngest son came up to help as well. Of course it was a 72 inch opening and we needed 78.

(Hubby's back and other muscles were hollering at him later.) Don't tell I told on him :).
And so we won't be stepping down into a hole he put some boards in the hole in the meantime. Now we need to pick up bags of concrete mix.

It looks like we will be butchering the turkeys and 3 unwanted roosters on Monday. It's time.

The cooler weather has made things nicer here. The wood rack out front has been filled and the chimneys and stove pipe cleaned.

 A Grandson came up to visit us as he is fresh out of boot camp, he is a Marine :). Congratulations young man.

I have been having lots of flare ups of my fibromyalgia with the chronic fatigue and digestive problems. I am hoping the cooler weather will help. The heat and I do not get along at all.  I have cut a whole lot of things out of my diet and that has helped some. Onward is all I can do. You should think after 17 years with this I would be used to it but sometimes it still drives me bananas lol.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures! It's great to see the project progress from stage to stage. I am a DIY guy myself, I love seeing how other people approach the work, and how their projects come about. Best of luck with your health troubles, will be thinking of you as the weather cools down.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock


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