Sunday, August 21, 2016

Here we are near the end of August 2016

Been busy as usual this month. Dave has been hauling split wood into the wood shed. The neighbor Matt and a couple of his boys helped take a load off the truck. Matt came over the next evening and helped load and unload a truck full into the shed. Makes the work goes faster. Dave did 2 loads by himself. It is three quarters full at this point.
Our new batch of layers have just started to lay pullet eggs. We got six little eggs today.

The turkeys are growing well and like the mules like the tiny apples that fall off the old apple tree when I give them some.
Hubby named this big boy Big Foot because he claims everything by putting his foot on it.
The lead mule thought the camera was something to eat. I guess she didn't think the 2 carrots and the couple of apples were enough of a treat.

We were witnesses for the neighbor couple when they got married earlier in the month. Are we getting old or what?

My publisher CreativeTexts got Ruby's Time Out up all edited and ready to buy but right now the kindle and the paperback are on two different pages.

Has Ruby been transfered back in time or to a whole other universe?

Kindle version:

Paperback book: