Monday, June 27, 2016

And Back To Summer

We are back to summer temperatures again today. I know it isn't as hot as others get to but mid 80's to low 90's is hot to us up here. The four summers before this one we never reached 90 once. This is more normal. I don't mind the lower temps, when it gets over 80 I feel like I am melting. But most others like it.

On Friday hubby cleaned out the chicken coop and tore out the old floor and began to put the new one in. The chickens didn't like it one bit.

K was pretending she was a chicken. Can you tell it was a cool day?

We have all the Cornish X-Rocks butchered. Very good to have that over and done and them sitting in the freezer.
The neighbor came over to learn and help. His daughter also helped with a couple of the birds, plucking them and gutting one. She figured it was a good time to learn.

I also dunked in boiling water and plucked, grand girl K was here and she ran around taking pictures.
 K's pic's below :)

All in all it was a successful couple of days but tiring. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sandy has passed

My sister in law after a decade long battle from brain cancer has passed on, she was one brave, strong woman to endure all that she did.

Hard to write anything else :( but I will try.

My mother had back surgery yesterday. She had a disintegrated disc in her lower back and they fused the ones below it. She had been in severe pain for months and kept sending her to the pain clinic for shots and etc. Then they finally looked to see what was really wrong, when that is the first thing they should have done. Sheesh.

The weather was cool last week 50's and low 60's and this week it is mid to high 70's. Next week we are supposed to be back to the 80's again, bleck.

We have been working in the garden, weeding you know. never ending.

Sometime this week we will be butchering the meat birds. I don't know if we will do them all in one day but most likely all 24 of them.

That hail again.
The nearly golf ball sized hail did a real number on our trees. There go the apples this year and it shredded our 2ed growth of rhubarb to pieces. The maple trees also look pretty bare now.
The State shop had windshield smashed out of the trucks and dented things up real well. They are 2 and 1/2 miles away and the hail was even larger there.

Over and out for now.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Cold, Hot ,Cold and a Wedding

We spent 4 days way to hot for us 90's. But yesterday it cooled back down and today it was a whole 50 degrees. But it made for baking being a lot more comfortable.

Wednesday we had large hail. Hubby's hand. Here is one of them.

Made some non gluten dishes and a banana bread for those at the reception that can't have regular noodles or flour.

Daughter Ch and An are getting married tomorrow Saturday at 11 am. in Clarkston WA. Then a reception out in Pomeroy, Washington. 

Here's the cake I just finished for them. She didn't want fancy, so this is what they are getting. He is a Vet. They both like trucks, cross bows and etc. He likes motorcycles as well.

I also finished the baby quilt a couple weeks ago for the new great grand girl that will come in August. Kept it simple.
The meat birds and turkeys are now down in their big pen. That was a chore transferring them from the barn. 24 Cornish X-Rocks and 5 turkeys.