Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Front Cover for After The Dying Time Book one

After The Dying Time Book one: To catch a wild Rose, now has a new Cover picture.
After The Dying Time
It looks like the publisher is also going to change the picture on After The Dying Time Book Two: Gray's heart as well. 

As for us, dh spent three hours plowing snow yesterday afternoon. We have high piles of the white stuff everywhere. He said he is running out of places to pile it. Here is K climbing on one of them this past Saturday.
Our dogs went on walk about, up over the snow drifts over the back fence. OH fun, NOT going looking for dogs in the snow, the big one being white and the small one trying to plow through the snow with its head above the snow. We found them a half mile from the house down the back road. So we had to haul a cattle fence section up to opening and close anther gate so they couldn't get up that way. Walking through knee deep snow holding the back end of a section of fence isn't all that easy.

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