Monday, September 28, 2015

Our New Dog A Great Pyrenees & Neat Can Storage

We have a new dog and we really hope she works out. Her name is Lily. Her owner died around 3 months ago and has had someone dropping by the house to feed her twice a day.
We put her out this morning (they spent the night in the enclosed front porch) with grandsons dog Bear in an area that is field fenced and they somehow got out this morning. They went for a walkabout and we had to go find them. Bear will follow her anywhere and he was all tuckered out and climbed into the truck gladly.
We started her off on scrambled eggs as she wasn't eating and today I mixed a scrambled egg with her dog food and she ate it :).
It has been cold the last couple of nights, night before last it was 30 degrees F. when we got up this morning it was 32 degrees.
The days have been nice but we sure could use some more rain as it is getting pretty dried out again.

Food Storage:
Daughter shared this with me. It is a great idea for keeping cans in a neat space.

This is a wooden pallet.


  1. awe, pretty dog! Hope she gets to eating better. Love the can storage thingy.

    the map thing says it is raining on my me right now. my eyeballs say "nope". lol!

    Pet Lily for me!


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