Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Week of Sick

On Monday morning dh got his colonoscopy. I was going to tell everyone what was going on via the phone and wouldn't you know the on button had been hit and left the phone on somehow and so it was dead as a doornail, sorry family. 

By Monday afternoon he has a 101.2 fever and goes up from there. So I am back and forth with the doc and we have to run him back in that evening to be checked over and even get a chest x ray as there was rumbling in his left lung.

Thank goodness there wasn't but dh feels bad about the added expense it will cause us on top of the one from last month (and that's a huge one). I say better safe then sorry.
He continues to get sicker and sicker and has a horrible racking hurting cough. By tuesday afternoon I start to cough and can feel it in my chest. OH NO. Fever starts and all I want to do is sleep.

We get K that evening and she has it also. Wednesday doc wants to see dh so he has to drive himself in to town. Don't know how he did it. He got some meds. And so it goes.

So we spent the last days sick as dogs. That weird flu, that included granddaughter K who couldn't go to school so she was here with us. Her mom K had it and missed a couple days of work, and suffered through more days sick at work, which she hates. But nothing else she could do.

Kay was feeling better by Thursday night, oh boy was she and back to her normal self and was able to be picked up by her mom so she could go to school on Friday.

Grandson Dal was in the hospital getting a biopsy while we were down and out, we are waiting to hear what's wrong.

Friday morning daughter get Kay to school etc. and takes off to work which is up in Moscow ID. Guess what black ice and people off the road and she is trying to be careful and finds herself backwards in a ditch but unharmed. But minus her muffler.  Oh what fun, NOT. So there went another day of work down the tubes.

To top things off the electricity to the chicken coop isn't working as of 3 days ago while we are sick. We think one of the ground dwelling creatures chewed through it. Happened once before. So today dh is getting ele. back to the coop for light and heat. We are better but thats about it. But some things have to be done when we can at least finally move. Chickens needed feed and straw.

Dh is trying to get some things done that have to be done outside but the cold wind is raging :( pray this cause him a relapse.

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  1. Youch. Definitely sounds like a week of "if it isn't one thing it is another."


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