Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year to All

Here we are at the edge of another dawning of a new year. Some places around the world have already heralded in. Can the years go by any faster than they are? lol

Here is an article of my sis in law and my brother and what is happening to them.

They got a small settlement, I don't know if it will even cover the hospital bills :( and ongoing ones. But I think they had enough of fighting this all these years.

All we can do is pray for her and them.
On another note it is cold today but warmer than it had been, around 14 F. right now. We have 10 inches of snow sitting outside. Been below zero at night but we are to have another warm up coming in a few days.

We are getting some of my pictures we have taken printed out, really a good price to do so at Costco. We have been buying old frames at second hand stores and putting the pics in and putting them on our walls :).

Ones like these. And a few others, like the ones in an older post, the barns and such.

We haven't really added anything to our storage this last couple of weeks. We are mostly just trying to stay healthy and enjoy the Holiday season as well.
Grand daughter SoSo had her tonsils out this past Monday and we are hoping she heals up quickly.

Take care all and again Happy New Year.

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  1. Never seems to end does it. Glad you got those pics printed. I really like the ones of the old properties.


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