Monday, October 6, 2014

Pushing To Get Things Done

Winter creeps in and we are still trying to get so many things finished before it does hit. We have a warm front in this week and that does help BUT this is usually our rainy time of the year and we are getting nothing here.
Our creek bed and lower pond are dry as a bone which is only the second time that has happened at this time of year since we have been up here. The other time was last year when our September rains didn't come until October.

We did get the potatoes all put away in pine shavings on Saturday. So they are snug for the winter. They came to a total of 365 pounds. I uncovered a few to show you.

Apple crisp sure is good. I have enough apples for another batch.
We have just started to get our first brown eggs, the other chickens the Leghorns have been laying for about 2 weeks now. Boy did I miss fresh eggs. The Araucana's aren't laying as yet.
With the flu's going around down in the valley and that time of year coming up. (A son and his family is just getting over it and hubbys secratery had it last week.) It's a real bad one.
Seems like all times are now flu times.
Also with the Ebola now in our Country one must think about what we have at home to possibly self quarantine ourselves in the future if this does get further along.
Best thing is don't panic look over sites that have lists for home for food and drink staples, masks, gloves, disinfectants, games, books and other things to keep busy for those that aren't ill and so on.

Here is some good advise:

Motherhens advise is further down on her page.

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  1. The survivalist scene does not exist in the U.K !


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