Saturday, August 2, 2014

Progress on the roof

A bit of progress anyway. Took us a few hours to get another part of the roof ready to be shingled. Hubby is working on it almost every spare minute he has.

I helped cut the quick start and stand on a ladder and hold the edging, fascia board and etc while he fastens it to the roof edge.

 Our daughter has been busy sewing a Cos-play outfit for a room mate of one of our grandsons. Almost finished. :)
Here is a great article on:  What you need to know about Lice.
Never a fun subject. It always makes me go ick, ick.
I have fought that fight a few times. NOT FUN.

Growing up I never had them, none of my friends had them or anyone I went to school with. But that isn't the case anymore. 
If family members are chemical sensitive find some natural ones that work. 
Be careful with the chemical ones because I feel the chemical ones made two of my daughters chemical sensitive. But this article has a lot of great advise and information.

My books:
I managed finally to get my books up on Amazon kindle :). 

Ruby's Time Out

Down the Hole

After the Dying Time

Gray's Heart After the Dying Time II

Shaken Sari

Seeing the Fire

Our Changed World

The Empty Plains

An Unexpected Life


  1. I'm not sure why more people are not leaving good reviews for you. I know that MANY have been following your stories. But I also know that very few say "thanks". Such a small thing to do but it means so much.

    Your roof is looking good! I wish I was handy like that! Someday I want to put a new roof on my house but extend it out further so I can put a nice sized back screened in porch ;)

    Please know I appreciate and love your stories!!! And as soon as I get some money coming in, plan to expand my library with a few more!!! I esp want to get The Empty Plains. I can't buy the kindles because for some reason, Amazon won't let me. lol! they'll take my debit card for everything else though. lol!

    Thanks again!

    1. Yes I was hoping for a few reviews of those that had read them, but I am ever so grateful for yours.

  2. You have my sympathy on the re-roof. I've helped with some of those. Hot, thankless job. You don't realize how important a good roof job is until a bad one fails you.


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